May 5, 2010

I had such a great time meeting you! It was so great to put a face to my blogging buddy. I am very happy that you were buddy, I had such a great time talking with you. I hope that you have such a great time with the rest of your school year. Keep thinking about summer it is coming soon enough and then you can play all of the computer games you want! I am going to be coaching Lacrosse for most of the summer along with going to Nantucket for vacation with my family. How about you?



May 5, 2010

Hello I really liked HWS it was fun! my favorite part was when I got to meet you. You are very nice. What are you going to do for the summer?


April 29, 2010

I can’t wait to see you on Monday im vary happy about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun fun fun

April 27, 2010

I like Harriet Tubman to I was just reading a book about George Washington Carver so I thought It might be easyer doing a report about him beacuse I know alot about him.Yes I had aot of fun in DC I loved it but it took 8 hours to get there.We went to alot of places but we didn’t drive there we took a metro.we went to the Zoo,china town, museums and the hotel pool I love that place.        

                                                                                  im crazy

April 25, 2010

Also going back to your hero in history post, I still have to say that my hero in history is Harriet Tubman. The courage it took her to escape and then instead of just going out and being free, she went back for more people and made a whole underground railroad. She had such a big heart, so much determination, and kindness. She will forever be my hero in history.

April 25, 2010

That always feels so great when your doing well and can remember things! I wish my school work only had four things you are very lucky. I love dogs and I cannot believe that you have so many dogs! I am very jealous of you for that! I hope that you have a ton of fun in D.C. as I am sure you will. It is always so nice to be on break. I was never very good at naming dogs, I always wanted to name my dog Bell from Beauty and the Beast, but I have two older siblings so they always got to pick!

April 14, 2010

Next week we will not be here .Im going to DC i think it will be alot of fun.

                                                                                            im vary happy

April 13, 2010

I have lots of dogs i have 3 german sheperds and a beagle we are getting a bulldog to.I really like socal studies we are learning about the southwest it only has 4 states its so easy! The 4 states are Arizona, New mexico,Oklahoma and Texas I can remember all of them.

                                                  what names do you think the bulldog should have?

April 8, 2010

That sounds like a great person to pick! His findings in how to make plants grow bigger and better is something that is very important. I never  realized how important plants are until my senior year in high school when I took an environmental class, here my teacher explained that without plants our lives would be a lot more difficult. I love how you picked someone who tried to help everyone get along and treat each other like they would like to be treated.

George Washington Carver

March 31, 2010

George Washington Carver is very inportant person.When he was little he was known as the plant doctor because he knew how to make plants grow tall and strong.  He was a american scientist he started out as a slave then a student, researcher, teacher then a inventor.I chose him because he wanted to make black and white people get along.George Washington Carver